GG Circuit: Fortnite

Join us for the ggCircuit Spring Solo WAN - Hosted at The Meta: Gaming & eSports.

Entry: $15 per person (Payment must be made in store - Highly recommend coming in prior to Tournament date to reserve your spot. Tickets are Limited)

Following are the ways to win a spot for the Championships.

A Victory Royale in any Qualifier round gets you an automatic spot in the Finals.More than one does not get you an additional spot in one of the 4 Championship.

After the number of Victory Royale winners are tallied, the remaining spots for the 4 Championships (per Region) will go to the Players with the highest total score from their 3 qualifying matches (one tallied score for all 3 Qualifiers) according to the following formula:

Accomplishment # of Points
Win Auto qualify
Top 25 3 points
Top 10 2 point
Top 5 2 point
Kills 1 point