The Meta: Gaming & eSports has Partnered with SiegeX eSports!

The Meta: Gaming & eSports is proud to announce a partnership with SiegeX eSports!

Founded on November, 2017, SiegeX eSports is a gaming organization that works to establish exceptional value for its players, partners, and sponsors. Currently SiegeX eSports has teams in Rainbow Six: Siege and Fortnite. We are still looking to add more talents in both Content and Competitive sides of the gaming world.

“We are proud to be working alongside such talented players at SiegeX who will help us mold our future in the eSports industry!” - Christopher “Mac Giolla” Fitzpatrick

“We are really excited to be partnered with The Meta: Gaming & eSports. Much to look out for in the future!” - Misho

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