Long Island’s Biggest Lan center is HERe

all things gaming and esports, all in one place


Located in Saint James, NY

The Meta: Gaming and eSports is the new hub for the gaming community. Compete in tournaments, watch the pros, and get your daily grind on.



556 North Country Road
Saint James, NY, 11780


Monday: 12pm-1am
Tuesday: 12p-1am Wednesday: 12pm-1am Thursday: 12pm-1am
Friday: 12p-3am Saturday: 10a-3am Sunday: 10a-1am

Upcoming Events

For a full list of all our tournaments and to sign up please head over to Battlefy.


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eSports is growing everywhere.

You know what we’re talking about.

Founded by three gamers who wanted to participate in the industry but was limited by eSports’ in-accessibility in suburban areas. The Meta: eSports and Gaming promises to deliver a competitive environment to play, train, and commune with friends and opponents.

Meet our Team


Ryan Larkin (CaptNobody)

Director of Operations, Owner

I started playing video games when I was around 12 or 13. It was mostly RPG’s at the time and single player RPG’s still hold a special place in my heart. Chris introduced me to League of Legends around Season 3 and I’ve been playing that ever since. I love eSports, I find them fun to watch and even better you can connect and play the actual game that you are seeing yourself. You can always log in and try that trick you saw a pro do (Except you Yasuo player, for the love of god stop please.) That’s not something that you can’really say about any other sports.

Our Dream to open The Meta really started in 2017 when Chris and I went to the League of Legends finals in Boston. There was some time between when our AirBnb let out and when the finals started. When looking for something to do we came across a new gaming center and loved it. It wasn’t dark and didn’t make you feel isolated inside. The opposite actually! We had a great time playing and talking with the staff their. I really didn’t think anything of it besides that until a couple of weeks later. I thought to myself, “ It be neat to do open something like this here.” That was it till a couple of weeks after that when it kinda just hit me…. WHY NOT?! And now here we are.

I hope you all will come and share with us your love for all things eSports. We look forward to meeting you!


Christopher Fitzpatrick
(Mac Giolla)

Director of Social Media & Local Engagement, Owner

”Mom, you can’t pause this game!”
-13 year-old angsty me

Before I start, let me take you back to ’98 during the primetime of Nintendo 64. Mario Kart, Pokemon Stadium, Ocarina of Time, (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater to follow the next year) were the peak of at-home gaming. I grew up with 3 brothers and 3 sisters, to which, you can guess that playing the N64 competitevely just came naturally. In my house, there wasn’t a day that went by when we would fight for the title of best at Mario Kart. This is where my competitive spirit was born.

Fast forward 10 years, I started playing World of Warcraft during Burning Crusade at my friends house. (Our home computer was basically a toaster and some mice on a wheel) I later then got into League of Legends near the end of 2011, right before Season two started. I had no clue as to how to play the game, but I knew that I liked how I could fly around as an ice bird or a slippery fish-man with a trident. I was horrible. (I still am.) The first time I noticed competitive LoL was actually the Season 2 World Champion Series with TPA vs Azubu Frost. I was blown away by the fact that there was this game being played on a stage with a audience cheering them on. I knew I just had to get into the industry. I knew I could never play professionally, and it’s not like we’re J.P. Money-bags to start a eSports team. So how could I get into the eSports industry…?

The answer was easier than you think. Ryan and I took a trip up to Boston to view the 2017 LCS Summer Finals, and we had visited this LAN center/cafe. We always had endeavors to become small entrepreneurs, and this would fuse that vision with the gateway to the eSports scene.

Since then, we’ve been working tirelessly to bring our vision of The Meta: Gaming and eSports to life. We love you and hope everyone will enjoy all that we’ve built for eSports on Long Island.


Nick Wejchert


Director of Business Relationships & Development, Owner

I’ve always wanted to get into the eSports scene and also become an entrepreneur. I played paintball with Ryan and he introduced me to Christopher, and thus the team was born!

I can’t wait for The Meta: Gaming and eSports to be part of your community.